To say the second city is concerned about its captain’s performance this year is an understatement. In the Hawks fan sphere, you rarely find an article about the 3 time Stanley Cup Champion Jonathan Toews that does not claim he’s faltering. But last night Captain Serious reminded us exactly how he helped create a dynasty in Chicago over the last 7 years.

The Blackhawks beat the Wild in Minnesota 5-3. Toews had 2 assists… AND 3 GOALS. After recording his fourth career hat trick, it’s time for everyone to give Toews a break.

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As of Tuesday’s game Jonathan Toews is currently destroying last year’s average assists per game with 0.529 compared to 0.375, and his career average of 0.489. He’s also beating his average points per game with 0.824 versus last year’s 0.725. He is trailing his career average which is 0.871. Toews is only trailing last year’s goals by 0.056 goals per game and his career by 0.087. After a rough start to the season, Hawks fans can finally calm down.

Toews is not the only NHLer experiencing a “down” year. Fellow centers Patrice Bergeron and Anze Kopitar have seen a dip in points, and wingers Gabriel Landeskog and Zach Parise aren’t putting up their typical numbers (to the disappointment of fantasy hockey managers everywhere). There’s something connecting them all: The World Cup of Hockey.

(Photo via The Chicago Tribune)

Participating in the World Cup of Hockey this year took Jonathan Toews away from focusing on this upcoming season. Here’s how this season stacks up to career numbers for the disappointing World Cup of Hockey Participants:

  • Anze Kopitar – This year-0.113 goals per game vs. Career Average – .305 goals per game.
  • Gabriel Landeskog – This year- .479 points per game vs Career Average-.665 ppg.
  • Patrice Bergeron – This season .607 ppg vs Career Average .744 ppg
  • Zach Parise – This season .560 ppg vs Career Average .797 ppg
  • Jonathan Toews – This season .823 vs. Career Average .871
  • Aaron Ekblad– This season- 0.172 assists per game vs. Career Average- 0.267
  • Even Sid the Kid is affected- This season- 0.622 assists per game vs. Career Average- 0.832

Chicago fans, don’t worry about your captain. He’s got your team in 2nd place in the Western Conference, set the franchise record for road wins in a season, and is making journeyman Richard Panik and young gun Nick Schmaltz look like veritable top 6 forwards. And who else do you want leading your team into the playoffs?


-Viv Parr

Twitter: @vivparr


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