So the trade deadline is officially over! Wow, it’s been interesting. Let’s take a look at all of the trades that have been made, and grade them based on my opinions of the initial trade itself.

To New Jersey Devils: 2017 4th round pick

To Nashville Predators: F Vernon Fiddler

This was more of a depth move for the Predators than anything. Fiddler is only on a cheap one-year contract. Plus, he’s returning to an old team. I think the Preds really want another scoring forward, probably a top six guy. But the market that’s being set right now is expensive, and I don’t think GM Dave Poile wanted to pay the price.

Grade: B-

To Washington Capitals: D Tom Gilbert

To Los Angeles Kings: 2017 conditional 5th round pick

This is simply just another depth move. The Capitals are far and away one of the best teams in the league, in a Metropolitan division that is just gross. Right now, he’s playing in the AHL to get accustomed to the Caps system. But this is a good move in case any of the defenseman on the team get hurt so they have a guy who’s played in the league to call up.

Grade: B

To Toronto Maple Leafs: F Sergei Kalinin

To New Jersey Devils: D Viktor Loov

This is more of a minor-league trade than anything. The Leafs need more centers in their system, and Kalinin is one that has a lot of hope. I’m not exactly sure that the Devils needed a defenseman, but their AHL team is pretty good, so this will probably boost their team just a little bit more.

Grade: C+

To Calgary Flames: D Michael Stone

To Arizona Coyotes: 2017 3rd round pick & 2018 condition 5th round pick

Truthfully, I was surprised the Flames made this trade. If there was anything I thought they didn’t need, it was defense. Then I looked a little bit more into who their defensemen are, and now I understand. Outside of Brodie, Hamilton, and Giordano, the Flames don’t have much defensively. I’m not saying Jokipakka, Engelland, and Wideman are bad. But there’s definitely a need for insurance on the blue line. Stone hasn’t been having a great year, but he was also on the Coyotes. He only had 1 goal and 8 assists on the Coyotes, but his career-high in points is 36, so there’s some hope that he’ll thrive with Calgary. The Flames also didn’t give up a lot for him for this addition to their defense.

Grade: B-

To Pittsburgh Penguins: D Ron Hainsey

To Carolina Hurricanes: 2017 2nd round pick & F Danny Kristo

I think this is a great trade for both the Penguins and the Hurricanes. The Penguins need another solid defenseman, with their blue line always being injured. Both Trevor Daley and Olli Maatta will be out until the end of the regular season. Hainsey is a veteran defenseman who’s put up decent points on a relatively bad team the past couple of seasons. Earlier in his career, he was more of a point producer, but he slowly became more reliable defensively. The Canes, on the other hand, continue to look to rebuild by acquiring more picks. Danny Kristo (hate to say it) was just a throw-in piece to the trade. While overall I think this is a quality trade, I don’t think a lot more of these are going to happen.

Grade: A-

To Anaheim Ducks: F Patrick Eaves

To Dallas Stars: 2017 conditional 2nd round pick

This is one of the few trades where I feel like Dallas could’ve gotten more out of Anaheim, possibly another pick or a prospect. The Ducks got exactly what they needed: a scoring forward. Patrick Eaves has a career-high 21 goals this season, where the majority of them have come on the power play. He also has a career-high in points (37), thanks to his 16 assists. He’s a good 2nd line winger, but I’m almost positive Carlyle wants him playing with Getzlaf and Perry. Eaves could either be a perfect fit for Anaheim, or not work at all.

Grade: B

To Chicago Blackhawks: F Tomas Jurco

To Detroit Red Wings: 2017 3rd round pick

Blackhawks General Manager Stan Bowman specifically said earlier this year that he wasn’t going to make a trade. Well, he’s already broken one promise. But this trade really isn’t a big deal. It’s more of a depth move. Bowman stated that he was happy with the way his group was playing, and this is just some reassurance in case anyone goes down with an injury. It’s also a hope that Tomas Jurco will revive his career. He was injured for a decent amount of time, and he only has 15 goals and 24 assists in 159 games. This trade was more of a hope for the player to get his mojo back in another city, like the Oilers did when they traded Yakupov to St. Louis. All in all, this trade wasn’t a big one, which is another thing Bowman said he wouldn’t make. We’ll see if he keeps his promise.

Grade: B-

To Los Angeles Kings: G Ben Bishop & 2017 5th round pick

To Tampa Bay Lightning: G Peter Budaj, D Erik Cernak, 2017 7th round pick, & 2017 conditional pick

I’m not exactly sure how to analyze this trade, to be honest. I don’t understand the move all that much, and I’ve basically read every reporter’s view on the trade. There’s been thoughts that Quick may be playing, but the front office isn’t sure of his health, and Bishop will provide insurance for that. They also know that Bishop is good in the playoffs, so he’ll be good if they make a deep run. But Budaj has been doing well this season, and the Kings are currently outside of a playoff spot. So why pay that price for a goaltender you’re most likely not going to have after this season? I give full credit to the Lightning’s general manager Steve Yzerman for sticking with his beliefs that he was going to eventually find a suitor for Bishop. I don’t think he thought it was going to be the Kings, but it all worked out in the end for him. Now the Lightning have more room to pay a couple of players their bonuses, and they might not be done yet. Yzerman is a master in disguise.

Grade: C-

To Minnesota Wild: F Martin Hanzal, F Ryan White, & 2017 4th round pick

To Arizona Coyotes: 2017 1st round pick, 2018 2nd round pick, 2019 conditional 4th round pick, & F Grayson Downing

This trade kind of resembles the Keith Yandle trade at the 2015 deadline. But in this case, I think the Wild gave up way too much for a center that’s only had a career-high of 16 goals. Hanzal averages 11 goals per year throughout his career. The Coyotes may have retained 50% salary on him, but it’s still way too much. Throwing Ryan White in there made the deal a little better. But this shows that the Wild are going all in for the playoffs. They’re very deep down the middle, too. Minnesota is a scary looking team for sure, but they were scary enough before this trade.

Grade: C

To Toronto Maple Leafs: F Brian Boyle

To Tampa Bay Lightning: 2017 2nd round pick & F Byron Froese

This is probably one of my favorite deals. I think both side benefited greatly from this deal. Toronto didn’t give up too much for a 3rd/4th liner. He’s also fairly cheap, as his cap hit is only $2 million. As a Rangers fan, I loved Brian Boyle when he was in New York. He always brought his A game every single night. He was always energetic, as well. He’s a very loyal person, so I think it’s going to be hard to separate himself from Tampa, but he’s a very underrated player. Meanwhile, Tampa got great return. They got the best of the 2nd round picks Toronto had, and Byron Froese was leading the Marlies in scoring in the AHL. He’s currently injured, but he’s a great young player. Overall, I find this a really productive trade.

Grade: A+

To Montréal Canadiens: D Jordie Benn

To Dallas Stars: 2017 4th round pick & D Greg Pateryn

This is another trade that I like a lot. Jordie Benn is an underrated defenseman at age 29. He has a great contract (3 years, $1 million AAV), and the Habs really needed another depth defenseman. He’s not a big scorer, but he’s great without the puck, better than people think. Meanwhile, a 4th and Pateryn is not a lot for Montréal to give up. Pateryn wasn’t happy with the Habs to begin with, and he’s been on the market for a while now. It was just a matter of which deal Bergevin was going to include him in. I’m annoyed the Benn brother are split up, but I’m happy with the trade.

Grade: A

To Ottawa Senators: F Alex Burrows

To Vancouver Canucks: F Jonathan Dahlen

This deal was a developing one, for sure. It makes a little more sense for the Senators to give up Dahlen, a highly touted prospect, when the traded for Burrow and extended him (2 years, $2.5 million AAV). But then I realized Burrows is 36. THIRTY-SIX! Now, not saying he isn’t a good player, but to sign him until he’s 38 is a little strange. The extension doesn’t make much sense, and neither does the prospect they gave up. However, Burrows can score, and that’s exactly what Ottawa needs. GM Jim Benning worked some magic for his Canucks, for sure. They got a great prospect, and alleviated some cap space for a guy that probably wasn’t going to come back anyway. I wouldn’t say this is a terrible trade, but it definitely wasn’t expected.

Grade: B-

To Washington Capitals: D Kevin Shattenkirk, G Pheonix Copley

To St. Louis Blues: 2017 1st round pick, 2019 conditional 2nd round pick, F Brad Malone & F Zach Sanford

Well, this is a trade nobody was expecting, to be honest. I think everyone in the entire hockey world thought Kevin Shattenkirk was going to be a New York Ranger come Wednesday. But sometimes you can’t have exactly what you want. All in all, I’m not the biggest fan of this trade. I know Caps nation is probably freaking out because they got the best available defenseman on the market. They’re going all in, but I think “all in” in this case was too much. First, the conditions on the picks are way too confusing. If you want to know more about the deal, see Isabelle Khurshudyan’s thread on Twitter. Second, they’re giving up on Sanford too quickly. The guy hasn’t even played 20 NHL games and they’ve already traded him. He’s not a huge aspect, but he’s going to be a great player. It seems that Brian McLellan knows this is the last possible year with this group, so he wanted to go all in. And man, did he ever.

Grade: B

To New York Rangers: D Brendan Smith

To Detroit Red Wings: 2018 2nd round pick & 2017 3rd round pick

I may be a biased, but I think this is a great trade for the Rangers. I wouldn’t go over the top and saw, “OH MY GOD IT’S AMAZING!”. However, GM Jeff Gorton addressed a huge need for improvement on the blue line. I think the 2nd rounder should’ve been a conditional pick, maybe based on how much he plays or how far New York goes in the playoffs. But overall, Smith is an underrated defenseman in the NHL. Nobody really pays attention to him. He’s more defensive than offensive, which is what the Rangers need. They weren’t going to pay the price for Shattenkirk, since it was reportedly higher because he wasn’t going to be just a rental for NYR. Detroit is selling, and they showed their prices are a little high. Thanks to the Hanzal trade for setting the price in the trade market.

Grade: A-

To Ottawa Senators: F Viktor Stalberg

To Carolina Hurricanes: 2017 3rd round pick

Once again, another depth move. Pierre Dorion said he wasn’t done, and he obviously wasn’t. Viktor Stalberg is a great addition. He’s reliable defensively, and speedy down the wing. On the Rangers last season, 9 goals and 11 assists. Stalberg has already hit 9 goals this season. He’s great on the penalty kill, and has played really well on a Carolina team that hasn’t been that great this season. The Sens seem to being strengthening their forward depth, since Bobby Ryan will be out for a little while longer. Overall, this isn’t a big trade.

Grade: B-

To Chicago Blackhawks: D Johnny Oduya

To Dallas Stars: 2017 conditional 4th round pick & F Mark McNeill

Stan Bowman, you are disappointing me! You said no trades were going to be made. But you know what, this is a fairly good trade for both sides. The Blackhawks didn’t give up a lot for the return of Oduya, and the Stars aren’t having a good season at all. Lucky for Oduya, he’s going to a team that he’s familiar with. He knows Quenneville’s system, and I think he’s going to fit in quite well. The Blackhawks are addressing a need (if there was any) on the blue line, and he’s a solid fit. They didn’t spend a lot on him, so I think overall, in general, this is a good trade for the Hawks. And the Stars continue to rack up the 4th round picks.

Grade: B+

To Edmonton Oilers: F David Desharnais

To Montréal Canadiens: D Brandon Davidson

Another depth move for the Canadiens defensively. They have a knack for underrated defenseman right now, and GM Marc Bergevin is making all of the right, but small, moves. The Habs need to build themselves back up to a really good team, because they’ve been off ever since they went 13-1-1 to start the season. This is a decent trade, and nothing too drastic. Hopefully Claude Julien can make the most of the defenseman he has now.

Grade: B

To San Jose Sharks: F Jannik Hansen

To Vancouver Canucks: 2017 conditional 4th round pick & F Nikolay Goldobin

Jannik Hansen is a good fit for the Sharks. He can score, but his career-high in points is only 39. Last season, he had 38 points. But he’s also spent his entire career with the Canucks, so I think it’ll be a change of scenery for him. Hansen is only 30 years old, as well, but the Sharks are not a young team. If they want to get a Stanley Cup, they need to go for it now. The only thing I don’t like about this trade is that if the Sharks win the Stanley Cup, the 4th round pick turns into a 1st, which is kind of a lot. They already gave up a good prospect. But that’s only if they win the Stanley Cup, and obviously nothing is for sure yet.

Grade: B-

To Montréal Canadiens: F Steve Ott

To Detroit Red Wings: 2018 6th round pick

There’s a lot of depth moves that have been happening at this deadline, and here’s yet another one. This is also an indication that the Red Wings are for sure selling. Ott isn’t a bad player, by any means, but I think this is more of a move to get another pest on the team alongside Andrew Shaw and Brendan Gallagher. It should be illegal to have that many agitators on one team. A 6th round pick is basically nothing for Ott, and Detroit continues to bring in the picks. I don’t think this trade will have that much of an impact, but you never know.

Grade: C+

To Florida Panthers: F Thomas Vanek

To Detroit Red Wings: 2017 conditional 3rd round pick & D Dylan McIlrath

I’m surprised that the Red Wings didn’t get more for Thomas Vanek in this deal. He’s having a great year in Detroit (15 G, 23 A), but he’s not a guy that goes over the top and tries really hard. He’s great offensively, but he’s not a fantastic skater and at times can be a defensive liability. Vanek has fantastic hands, and can shoot the puck really well. The Red Wings got a 3rd round pick out of the deal, and a defenseman that has yet to find a home that he can play full time with. It’s not a bad deal for Florida, at all. The Panthers need some scoring.

Grade: B

To Montréal Canadiens: F Dwight King

To Los Angeles Kings: 2018 conditional 4th round pick

Once again, the Habs are making a move for grit. I guess Marc Bergevin really wants to revamp his fourth line, and his penalty kill. Dwight King is known in Los Angeles for being really good on the PK, and he’s great defensively. He doesn’t score too much, but does have a little bit of touch around the net. He only has 15 points on the year. And for a team that hasn’t been scoring that much this season, you would think the Habs would look for some more offense. Bergevin is stacking up on fourth liners and defenseman to undermine their lack of scoring.

Grade: B-

To Los Angeles Kings: F Jarome Iginla

To Colorado Avalanche: 2018 conditional 4th round pick

I think this may be the best move just to get Iginla out of the dumpster fire that’s going on in Colorado right now. He’s having a career-worst year (8 G, 10 A). He can probably still score a little bit, but he’s getting older and it’s showing. That’s not a lot to give up for Iginla, but this is the year for conditional picks. Colorado also retained 50% of the salary on him. We’ll see how LA turns out towards the end of the season.

Grade: B-

To Columbus Blue Jackets: D Kyle Quincey

To New Jersey Devils: D Dalton Prout

This is a simple depth move for the Blue Jackets. Dalton Prout wasn’t playing for them, for the most part. And the Jackets need some insurance on the blue line. Kyle Quincey is a solid defenseman, and he’s making basically nothing. He’s good on the penalty kill, as well. It’s a good move for both teams, as these defensemen were basically just replacements for each other.

Grade: C+

To Tampa Bay Lightning: D Mark Streit

To Philadelphia Flyers: F Valtteri Filppula, 2017 4th round pick & 2017 7th round pick

This is a move for the Lightning to simply remove some salary, and have some freedom in the upcoming expansion draft. Steve Yzerman is a Jedi master, with all of the trades he’s made at the trade deadline. The Bolts are desperate to get rid of salary, because they know they need to make room for RFAs (i.e. Johnson, Drouin, Palat) that need to be signed. Streit, 39, will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. That’s money that will disappear for the Lightning. That’s most likely why the Flyers got all of those picks, because I don’t think Streit is worth that much. Filppula is a good 2nd line center in the league, but worth $5 million? I don’t think so. The Bolts would’ve bought him out, anyway. Now they don’t have to.

Grade: A

To Pittsburgh Penguins: D Mark Streit

To Tampa Bay Lightning: 2018 4th round pick

Steve Yzerman does it again. He’s a miracle worker. The Penguins needed another defenseman, and they got one. With Daley, Letang, and Maatta out, it’s important that they fill that position. GM Jim Rutherford did just that. There’s not much to really analyze, other than Tampa retains 50% of Streit’s salary.

Grade: B

To Nashville Predators: F P.A. Parenteau

To New Jersey Devils: 2017 6th round pick

I like this move for the Predators. They’re getting a goal-scoring forward. He has a ton of offensive upside. They also didn’t give up a lot to the Devils, as it’s only a 6th round pick. I’m surprised they got him for that little, but I’m guessing it’s because of the finger injury he’s going through right now. Even though it’s minor, those are things a general manager may watch out for. Overall, Parenteau is a great option on the 3rd line, possibly even the 2nd. Coach Peter Laviolette will have a little bit of room to play around with his forwards.

Grade: B+

To Calgary Flames: F Curtis Lazar & D Mike Kostka

To Ottawa Senators: 2017 2nd round pick & D Jyrki Jokipakka

Pierre Dorion pulled off some magic with this deal. In my opinion, Curtis Lazar isn’t even worth a second rounder, nevermind a defenseman as well. I saw a lot of people trying to justify the fact that it wasn’t just Lazar, and Kostka is included. But in all honesty, he was just thrown in to the trade to make it look slightly more appealing. Good for the Senators, though. They got a 2nd and a defenseman out of a player that hasn’t been good for them at all. I know the Senators have put a lot of time and effort into developing Lazar, and things haven’t turned out as they planned for them to. It still surprises me that the Flames were willing to pay that price, though. Lazar needs a change of scenery, and hopefully going to Calgary will give him just that. I would say the Sens did really well at this deadline.

Grade: B-

To Pittsburgh Penguins: D Frank Corrado

To Toronto Maple Leafs: 2017 4th round pick, D Steve Oleksy & F Eric Fehr

I really like this deal for both teams. It’s flying under the radar a little bit, but I think there’s some good aspects to it. The Penguins now have acquired three defensemen at this deadline in place of the three that are currently injured. All of them have NHL experience. They’re good replacements for now. Corrado needed yet another change of scenery from Toronto, who didn’t really give him much of a chance to develop. But he was doing really well in the AHL (9 points in 11 games), and the Pens now have some extra insurance on the blue line. Trading Eric Fehr and Steve Oleksy opens up roster spots for the Penguins, and gives the Leafs room to protect more of the players they want instead of the players they have to. There’s upsides for both teams. It’s a smart move by both general managers.

Grade: A-

To Boston Bruins: F Drew Stafford

To Winnipeg Jets: 2017 conditional 6th round pick

I don’t really understand this trade all that much. Drew Stafford hasn’t had a great year at all, and I’m genuinely surprised the Jets found a suitor for him. The Bruins didn’t really need to add another forward like Stafford, but I think they’re hoping that he can score again like he used to. I saw a Bruins fan say on Twitter that he’s just another Beleskey or Hayes, but I’m not sure about that. He can be a little bit more impactful than either of those guys. Hopefully this one works out for Boston. They gave up basically nothing for him, so they shouldn’t be worried if it goes down hill.

Grade: C+

To Columbus Blue Jackets: F Lauri Korpikoski

To Dallas Stars: D Dillon Heatherington

I think this is more of a depth move for Columbus than anything. Korpikoski is a solid penalty killer who is having a decent year offensively with the Stars. He’s a solid bottom six forward who will give it his all when he’s on the ice. Columbus is happy with their group of forwards, but I think they just wanted some insurance for the third or fourth line. As for the Stars, they’re getting a good prospect in Heatherington. He was higher up on the depth chart in Cleveland, but unfortunately has had some injuries that have kept him off of the radar for awhile now. If there’s anything Dallas needs in their prospect pool, it’s defensemen. So this is a good trade for both teams that won’t be talked about much.

Grade: B

Juliana Nikac – Feature Contributor

Twitter: @juliananikac
Instagram: julianaanikac


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