Photo Credit: NWHL

It’s no secret that the NWHL has fans. But some of those fans don’t live within traveling distance to the arena, which can be a problem if you’ve been dying to see a game. This is where a new partnership with Twitter steps in.

During the third season of the NWHL, Twitter will be streaming all 16 of their regular season games, along with the All-Star game and two exhibition games played against the Russian national women’s team. The partnership is only set for one year, but Dani Rylan hopes that it’s the start of a long partnership. The WNBA formed a similar partnership with Twitter in May that would stream their 20 regular games for the next three years. With the streams available via Twitter, people all over the country, and even those in other countries can follow and tweet along in real time.

The increased exposure with the new partnership can not only help the sport grow but also help players. While it’s obvious that all NWHL fans know who Hilary Knight, Amanda Kessel, and Jenny Scrivens are, other players might not have as much popularity. Players that aren’t household names can become plenty of fans favorite players just by watching them pay. The exposure to new players can lead to an increase in longtime viewers and merchandise sales. Just like any sport, the more merchandise bought and worn, the more likely someone will check out the league.

The financial kinks of the agreement haven’t been exposed to the public just yet, but in an interview with The New York Times, the league said that it would be collaborating with Twitter on marketing and promotions for the streams. The league still seems to be on the backburner for most of Hockey Twitter, but with these promotions, it’s sure to catch their interest in the coming season.

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