The fall is on its way and, with that, hockey season! Not only will the NHL season be starting, but the third season for the NWHL as well. With this being one of the biggest seasons yet, attendance is important. The league might have partnered with Twitter to stream games this season, but nothing beats seeing a hockey game in person!

Need a reason to attend an NWHL game? Here are a few:

  1. They’re cheap. NHL tickets can be expensive and, for an average person, usually out of their price range. But tickets for any single NWHL game are $20 for general admission while season tickets are only $150.
  2. Every game is important. Since the season is so short, every NWHL game matters. Each game is played with intensity and passion.
  3. Could we see a three-peat final of the Pride and the Beauts? The Buffalo Beauts won the Isobel Cup last season after losing it to the Boston Pride the season before. This is grounds for a rivalry that will follow through to playoffs.
  4. They have cool merch. The NWHL has a lot of great merchandise that fans can buy. The coolest part? When you buy a player’s jersey or “shirsey,” they get 15% of the profit!
  5. New players mean new excitement. The NWHL draft was only a few weeks ago but there were plenty of new players drafted. This could be an exciting season based on just that!

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