Big news is happening with the National Women’s Hockey League this week! The New Jersey Devils are officially the first NHL team to back an NWHL team with an ownership stake. The Metropolitan Riveters, formally the New York Riveters, have teamed up with the Devils to form a three-year partnership.

While the financial details of the partnership haven’t been released, the other details about the partnership are as follows: the Devils will promote Riveters’ events across all mediums, which include social media accounts, tv broadcast, and inside the arena. They will also provide rent-free facilities for the team to play and practice in, and help with assisting in ticket sales, sponsorships, and marketing. The two teams will also work together on developing programs for girls and women to play hockey in the area.

Dani Rylan, the founder and commissioner of the league said the following, “To have an NHL franchise putting their stamp of approval on us, it’s game-changing.” The first doubleheader game with the two teams takes place on Oct. 28th, the season opener for the Riveters. They will also be sporting new jerseys that coincide with their new name; the new colors will be red, black, and white to match the Devils.

With the Devils taking this step forward to support the NWHL, it wouldn’t be a surprise if other teams reached out as well. While the NHL hasn’t been the biggest supporter of the NWHL, the two fanbases are closely connected and could help spread the women’s league to more NHL supporters.

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