It seems like hockey in Seattle is finally in the works. Last week it was announced by Gary Bettman that the NHL has allowed the city of Seattle to submit an application for an expansion team.  But, what does that mean?

For those who don’t know, that just means that the governorof Seattle can now do the paperwork needed to apply for an NHL team. The timeline will be similar to that of the Las Vegas Golden Knights when they got the green light for the same application. What is different for Seattle is the money. While the city of Las Vegas only had to pay $500 million for the Golden Knights, Seattle has to pay $650 million for their expansion fee.

The announcement from the NHL came a few days after the city of Seattle approved the $600 million renovations for the Key Arena, which has been at the center of expansion rumors as the main arena for Seattle. Back in September, the Oak View Group submitted the plans to renovate the arena that would finish in 2020, just in time for the expansion. Because of the renovation approval, the Bonderman Group, a key player in helping the renovations get approved, are now able to start season ticket sales to generate some profit.

While none of this guarantees a team in Seattle, most signs point to yes. Want to catch up on our other hockey in Seattle articles? Check them out here and here! Let us know your opinion on the Seattle expansion by tweeting at us at @Puckitupblog!

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