Ron Duguay, a New York Rangers analyst, said during an MSG broadcast Sunday night that the officials at the Rangers vs Kings game “…would have been better off doing women’s hockey today, because the way they did the officiating, they were kind of soft.”

This of course caused an uproar online and rightly so. While there’s no checking in women’s hockey, all other rules and regulations are the same as in the NHL, so officiating in women’s hockey is no different than in men’s.  At the core of the comment, he’s not really talking about officiating, he’s upset with the refs and the first thought he had when trying to demean and disregard them was to compare them to women. He didn’t outright say it, but it’s obvious that was what he was getting at.

Duguay later clarified his initial remarks saying “I felt like they didn’t officiate a very rough game tonight. In women’s hockey, there’s no hitting. That’s why I said that. Nothing against women’s hockey. I love women’s hockey — I don’t want the women angry with what I said. It’s just the officiating … I don’t think they did a good job in this physical game.”

There was no apology, just some mindless back pedaling. He says “I don’t want the women angry with what I said,” well then maybe you should try to understand why they are angry and be a better person.

The National Women’s Hockey League was quick to fire back at Ron:

People make mistakes. It’s understandable. But not admitting to the mistake, not apologizing, and not understanding why it was wrong in the first place…that just makes you ignorant and stupid.

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