Leslie Jones, an actress most notable for being a Saturday Night Live cast member, has been providing hysterical and relatable commentary on Olympic events of all types these past few weeks.

She’s become a fan of hockey thanks to the women’s hockey tournament. Jones was in South Korea to watch USA take on Finland in the semi-finals and has since taken a particular liking to Team USA’s Hilary Knight.

It’s always fun to see non-hockey fans fall in love with the sport. The Olympics are how a lot of people become hockey fans, myself included. It’s disappointing that the NHL didn’t allow players to attend considering it would have definitely made for a more entertaining tournament, but it’s been great to see all the rightly deserved attention the women’s tournament had received.

Jones got back to New York in time to watch the finals from her living room. She stayed up until 2 AM to see USA win gold after an anxiety-ridden overtime and shootout.

Most times her commentary is especially funny because she’s saying exactly what the rest of us are thinking.

As a hockey fan, it’s been fun watching Jones’ thoughts on the game and all the rules that come with it. It’s a great reminder that hockey can be restless, nerve-wracking, and stupid as much as it is fun, exhilarating, and beautiful.

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