What does women’s hockey mean to me?

I asked myself this loaded question before writing this. To me, women’s hockey is the ultimate example of part of the glass ceiling finally being broken. Something that is known as a “manly sport” isn’t just for men. Women, and even those who identify as something other than the male/female binary, are taking over. People are actually dedicating time to something that has been pushed into a corner for so long.

The National Women’s Hockey League is just one recent example of this. The NWHL, while still in its early stages, is paving the way for women to have a job after college. It might not pay anywhere close to what the NHL pays, but it does pay its players. They interact with the fans in person, on Twitter, and everywhere. That alone can inspire someone to pick up a stick and start playing.

The NWHL isn’t the only league around though. The Canadian Women’s Hockey League encompasses Canada, America, and even China. The fact that its expanded to three different countries and gets so many different women involved is amazing. Who would’ve thought 20 years ago that a women’s league would include three different countries? This is just amazing to see happen in real time.


Being able to support these organizations and women is really empowering. In an age that tries to divide women by any means possible, being able to support them as a unified entity is incredible. Whether it’s by going to a game or buying a jersey or even watching the game on Twitter, doing little things like that brings women together. Supporting women is so important to a lot of people, no matter what day or time.

Seeing strong women stand up and say ‘Hey, I can do this’ and ‘I did this’ is inspiring to so many women and girls who think their dream is impossible. There are little girls out there in their favorite player‘s jersey out on the ice because they finally realize that they can do it too. That alone means so much to me because that wasn’t something that was too prevalent when I was young. The next generation of players are already here.

To me, women’s hockey means that I can do anything. Watching these amazing humans achieve their dreams and play hockey means that I can achieve my own dreams. Women’s hockey makes a strong case that the future really is female.

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