With the NHL season winding down, teams have to decide whether to keep on fighting or to tank and try to get a decent draft pick. But, as either a player or a fan, is tanking really worth it? Is tanking something that we, as fans, should actually root for?

I think it’s safe to say we all remember the Tank For McDavid and Tank for Eichel era a couple of years ago. Fans were actively rooting for their teams to lose and lose hard if that meant they would be able to draft one of the best picks that year. Everyone (and I mean everyone) was rooting for either the Sabres or the Oilers to tank as hard as they could to see which team would get first pick. I’ll admit, it was fun to watch and I definitely took part in it. But, now that I look back at it, was there ever a point in cheering for them to lose? 

As a Rangers fan, I’ve seen this happening a lot lately. I understand that a great draft class is something that every fan looks forward to when they know their team is missing the playoffs. As a Rangers fan, I totally get that. However, there’s something about seeing a team actively lose games so they can get the chance to grab a good draft pick. Rebuilding is important, but at what cost?

Are we really going to cheer for a team that is only playing to lose? What’s the point in that?

So, is tanking really worth it? In my opinion, I don’t think it is. A team should fight tooth and nail to get to a playoff spot even if they know they won’t make it. Playing in order to lose isn’t what the game is about. You should be playing in order to win each and every time. Think you could convince us otherwise? Let us know by tweeting to us: @puckitupblog.

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