The team from the city of luck proves it’s more than that. The Vegas Golden Knights swept the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday night. They won the series 4-0 and only allowed three goals in all of the games combined.

As an expansion team making it into the playoffs in the first year, many don’t know what to make of the Golden Knights. They’ve got tremendous speed, reliable defense, and an extraordinary goalie in Marc-Andre Fleury.

“He had experience winning three Stanley Cups being with the Pittsburgh Penguins all those years. We knew when we got him we got a superstar goaltender. We knew that,” Gallant said. “He has carried our team a lot. He makes our team better and confident, and it all started with the first 10 games of the season, when we were 8-2. He’s a big part of our group.”

The Golden Knights are comprised of players who were least wanted by their previous teams and a coach who was fired a few months into the regular season by the Florida Panthers (on a road trip let’s not forget). Being cast aside like that seemed to only make this team stronger. They essentially have nothing to play for, no legacy to keep intact, no honor to uphold to, but they’re playing as if they do. It’s clear they’re doing well because each player was overlooked and now they all have something to prove.

Second round of the playoffs don’t start until the first is finished which, given how back and forth some series are looking, it may be another week and a half until we see the Golden Knights play again. They will face the San Jose Sharks who also swept their series against the Anaheim Ducks. When they eventually face each other in the second round, both teams will be well rested.

It’s time we stop saying the Golden Knights are good for an “expansion” team. While that is true, they’re also just a good team. A good team that might win the Stanley Cup this season. Only time will tell if they will make it far in the playoffs or if their “luck” will run out.

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