Seattle hockey is back in the news with another update. But this time, it’s about their newly appointed president and CEO. Tod Leiweke has been in the sports industry for a long time, and now he’s dipping his toes into the Seattle hockey world. But just who is he?

Tod Leiweke is actually the brother of Tim Leiweke who’s the president of the Oak View Group, the company that is redeveloping the KeyArena in Seattle. But Leiweke has actually dabbled in sports in his career. Before becoming the president of the soon-to-be Seattle team, Leiweke was the COO of the National Football League for three years. Before that, he was a CEO and minority owner of the Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment, CEO of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders, and even served as president for the Minnesota Wild for bit. It’s safe to say that he has a decent amount of experience under his belt. Only time can tell if Leiweke will be a good president, but it’s better to have someone who knows what they’re doing than someone without any clue.

When compared to the Golden Knights, it might seem like the city of Seattle is rushing into things. Las Vegas took their time with things, selling out their season tickets and not announcing their president until a year before puck drop, but Seattle is charging ahead with their development even though there’s no guarantee as to when, or if, they’ll receive a team in the expansion bid. Rushing into big picture things such as this could spell trouble for a young team and franchise. However, they’re doing what they need to do in order to get that bid while setting a new standard for cities that might want a team in the future.

Hockey in Seattle is definitely setting the bar high for future cities that might want a team. They’ve been on top of getting everything in order, whether it’s their season ticket sales or officially naming a president. Do you think the city is rushing into things? Or that they’re taking the right steps to prove they really want a team? Let us know by tweeting @puckitupblog!

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