Top Shelf Pours is back again with the Ottawa Senators. The Senators finished this season in 30th with 67 points this season. Just like Sabres fans, they’ll need something strong to drink in order to forget the season they just had. So Sens fans, this one is for you!

One beer: Labatt Blue. Labatt is native to Ottawa so, as usual, I picked a local brewery. Labatt Blue is the most known beer for the brand and (from personal experience) the best. It’s a basic beer that can get the job done if you want it to. 

One mixed drink: Canadian Club Whiskey on the rocks. Whiskey on the rocks is a classic drink that few can handle. But if Sens fans can handle the last few seasons, I’m sure they can handle a whiskey on rocks. Canadian Club has been around for a long time and their whiskeys are smooth and taste great. If worse comes to worst, you can always put some maple syrup in to sweeten it!

One wine: Jabulani Bubbly Chard.  According to their website, this bubbly chard has notes of butterscotch, mild toasted oak, apple, and tropical fruit. Chardonnay is a light wine that’s perfect for starters who haven’t tried any wines yet. And what’s better than bubbly chardonnay paired with some pizza? Whether you’re watching a game at the arena or at home, this is a perfect pairing. 

And that’s this week‘s Top Shelf Pours! As always, we love to hear what you think about our pairings. Do you think we should’ve picked a different beer? Sound off on Twitter: @puckitupblog.

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