Welcome back, hockey fans! This week we’re focusing on the Arizona Coyotes. For the 2017-18 season, the Coyotes finished in 29th place with 70 points. As someone who was rooting for the Coyotes to be the underdog this season, it’s sad to see them finish so low. But hey, there’s always next year, right? This one is for you, Coyote fans!

One beer: Sleepy Dog Tail Chaser IPA. It took the third article in this series for an IPA to show up and I couldn’t be happier it’s for the Coyotes. This IPA is a great choice for the Coyotes because they spent most of their season chasing their own tail. Plus, who doesn’t love an IPA with a good, hoppy finish?

One mixed drink: Vodka and lemonade. Vodka and lemonade is a classic drink that we know about. It’s perfect for the Coyotes because a) they’re located in Arizona and it’s hot as anything in that state, b) it’s sweet and goes down easy, so once you finish one, you’re onto the next and c) it makes you think things are a lot better than they are. This drink is great for fans who want to pretend like everything is fine when they’re watching a game.

One wine: Barefoot Pink Moscato. This pink Moscato has flavors of cherry, raspberry, and pomegranate which is perfect for anyone who might want to drink something light during a game. And it’s cheap! You can pick up a bottle before the game starts and be set for the whole night.

And that’s this week‘s Top Shelf Pours! As always, we love to hear what you think about our pairings. Do you think we should’ve picked a different beer? Sound off on Twitter: @puckitupblog.

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