The NHL Skills Competition, #PayDecker, and More: The Divide Between Men’s and Women’s Hockey

On January 25th, 2019, the Colorado Avalanche realized that they would need a replacement for Nathan MacKinnon in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition since he was forced to pull out due to injury. MacKinnon was slated to participate in the "fastest skater" segment against the likes of Jack Eichel and Mat Barzal. Using a tweet, … Continue reading The NHL Skills Competition, #PayDecker, and More: The Divide Between Men’s and Women’s Hockey

The Media and Women’s Hockey

It’s no secret that everyone watched the women's Olympic gold medal game. This was one of the biggest games (if not the biggest game) of the entire Olympics. So why was the priority focus still on the men’s teams? Before you come at this and claim that I’m knocking down the men’s team, this is a … Continue reading The Media and Women’s Hockey

Could Hockey Help Politics?

The whole world is a stage and in 2018 we’re just watching it play out. As sports fans, we’re just waiting for the next big thing to happen: The Olympics. This has been on everyone’s mind for a while. Not only are NHL players not allowed to partake in the games this year, but they’re … Continue reading Could Hockey Help Politics?

The NHL & the Olympics

When the NHL announced they would abstain from attending the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, mixed emotions developed from the players, coaches, and broadcasters that are all involved with the sport of hockey. Here are some quotes from all of those the decision effected.

Hockey Deserves Better

As sports fans, we recognize that there is something bigger than all of us. Something bigger than the Commissioner's Trophy, bigger than a Super Bowl ring, and bigger than the Stanley Cup. Ultimately, it's bigger than the Olympic games themselves, because the opportunity to play for and represent your country is larger than life to … Continue reading Hockey Deserves Better