Statistics for Rookies: Plus/Minus

If you’ve ever wanted to piss off a hockey fan, ask them about plus/minus. The common consensus of hockey statistics fans everywhere is that plus/minus is the most useless stat there is. A basic understanding of plus/minus is that a goal while a player is on the ice is a positive point and a goal … Continue reading Statistics for Rookies: Plus/Minus

Statistics for Rookies: PDO

This week on Statistics for Rookies we’re looking at PDO, the mysterious acronym that doesn’t stand for anything. When discussing PDO the word “luck” is often thrown around. Let’s just be clear that luck has little to do with the game of hockey. These NHL players are operating at a level of skill that is … Continue reading Statistics for Rookies: PDO

Statistics for Rookies: Fenwick

In the first installment of Statistics for Rookies we covered the ever-confusing Corsi number. This week we get to tackle Fenwick. The Fenwick is easier to understand if you have a basic understanding of Corsi, so I recommending reading up on the Corsi number first. The formula to calculate Fenwick is basically the same as … Continue reading Statistics for Rookies: Fenwick

Statistics for Rookies: The Corsi Number

In the world of sports analytics, hockey is relatively new to the game. While many fans hopped on the analytics bandwagon that began in baseball in the 1960s, mainstream sports writers and the NHL did not seem interested in advanced stats. During the 2014-2015 season, the NHL officially partnered with SAP (an enterprise software company) … Continue reading Statistics for Rookies: The Corsi Number