Our 2019-2020 Season Predictions

[Featured Image Source] With the NHL season starting tonight, we thought it'd be fun to predict how things will unfold come next June. Vanessa Kuri: Stanley Cup Finals:┬áSan Jose Sharks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup winner:┬áToronto Maple Leafs While the Toronto media was focused on Marner Watch, the Leafs also made some blockbuster moves … Continue reading Our 2019-2020 Season Predictions

Trade Patterns of Every NHL Team

The NHL trade deadline looms near and it's always fun to see what the return for certain players ends up being at this time of the season. It's even more fun to see which teams are desperate enough to risk it all. We went back to the start of the 2013-2014 season (when the divisions … Continue reading Trade Patterns of Every NHL Team

NHL Does the Bare Minimum

Nashville Predators player, Austin Watson, is suspended for 27 games for domestic violence. He was arrested on June 16th at a gas station in Tennessee and pleaded no contest on July 24th. Watson had allegedly pushed his girlfriend during an argument and caused red marks on her neck. The league did not make a decision … Continue reading NHL Does the Bare Minimum

Knights Cover a Void With a “Patch”: Trade Evaluation

The hockey-verse never disappoints when it comes to dropping big trade news. In this case, it was a peculiar wee hour of the morning bombshell that left NHL fans flabbergasted. Max Pacioretty has been the subject of trade rumors for months now. Many fans and journalists alike have been speculating that Pacioretty would likely be … Continue reading Knights Cover a Void With a “Patch”: Trade Evaluation

The Stanley Cup is the Capitals’ to Lose

It's safe to say not many people predicted the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights to be in the Stanley Cup Final, but here we are. Four games in and the Capitals lead the series 3-1. Vegas won the first game at home and then dropped three straight games. The Capitals have been playing … Continue reading The Stanley Cup is the Capitals’ to Lose

Potential Conn Smythe Winners

Now that we're down to four teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs, it's time to look at who the potential Conn Smythe Trophy winner might be. The Conn Smythe Trophy is awarded at the end of the Stanley Cup Final to the player who is deemed the most valuable to his team during the playoffs … Continue reading Potential Conn Smythe Winners

A Vegas Sweep? You Bet!

The team from the city of luck proves it's more than that. The Vegas Golden Knights swept the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday night. They won the series 4-0 and only allowed three goals in all of the games combined. As an expansion team making it into the playoffs in the first year, many don't … Continue reading A Vegas Sweep? You Bet!